Aai Kot Nai

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Director’s statement – Aai Kot Nai (Ma)

Human civilization is the result of assimilation of different races, religions, customs, languages, literature and culture.  However, this process of assimilation is very complex and at times highly explosive.  The North East India of which Assam and Nagaland are two provinces, is the abode of many races, religions, customs, languages, literature and culture.  While Assam has accepted its assimilation with India as a historical fact, the Nagas are still fighting for their political freedom.  They have also claimed a vast tract of Assam’s territory as their own which has resulted in frequent armed conflict between the State forces, the insurgent groups and the political opportunists.  As a result of such conflicts the common citizens residing in the border areas of both the states are suffering untold miseries all through.  Many a precious life has been lost, home and hearth destroyed.  At times no one, even new-born babies are spared the violence of marauding mobs and frenzy of armed militants.

This issue has been taken up “Aai Kot Nai (Ma)” in all its details and sensitivities. The inhuman tragedy of the people inhabiting this area from both the provinces has been explored and love and compassion is found where initially there was none.  While the conflicts burned the bridge between the two communities, love blossomed in the young hearts of an Assamese boy and a Naga girl living on the two sides of this man-made border.  Their love was put to fire because of the conflicts between their two communities which resulted once again in the wanton destruction of human lives and home and hearth.  A new born baby was thought to have lost its life when the parents found their home burnt down by the marauding mobs.  But like a ray of sunshine in the gloom of total darkness, love kindled in the heart of a weaning mother in a remote village of the other community across the border.  When the news reached the other side, the broken bridge of love and compassion was rebuilt and the small baby was restored to the grieving parents by the elders of the same community who were a little while ago involved in the destruction of the other community.

The film is a saga of triumph of human love and compassion over conflict and destruction.  The love of the young hearts, the motherly instinct of the weaning lady, the restoration of the baby to the parents of the other community all these underline the indestructible humanity of the mankind.  This is the foundation on which human civilization’s edifice gets built.  The essence of humanity is love and compassion that triumphs over all conflicts and destruction.  The film “Aai Kot Nai (Ma)”is the celebration of this truth, the ultimate triumph of humanity over greed and tyranny.

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