Aakashitoraar Kothare…

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“AAKASHITORAAR KATHARE…” (A Tale Told Thousand Times)

For the greater good of human society the women had committed supreme sacrifices throughout the ages. Examples of great sacrifices by the women are galore in all the society from Europe to Africa, from America to India. In our own society the sacrifices of Sati Beula, Sati Jaymati, the folklore of Kamala Kumari, the customs of Hudum Puja of the Rajbanshi’s, Kherai Puja of the Bodo’s, Kumari Puja and the sacrifices of the Devdashis, all speak volumes about the selfless sacrifice by women for the greater social good.

Women have been given an exalted status in our many scriptures and also socio-religious system. Worship of goddess Lakshmi, Durga and Kali proves this point. We also offer our respect to our country by calling her motherland. In this ground, women in our society should have enjoyed equal if not the dominant status. But reality seems to be the opposite. Not to speak of ordinary women, even accomplished women are facing everyday insults, unreasonable domination and status much inferior to that of man throughout the ages. This is true even in the so-called developed societies.

The story of Aakashitora is of those millions of women throughout the world. She is highly educated, talented and ambitious. But the moment she married Raghab Choudhury, an IAS officer, at once her life changed completely. From a vivacious, talented, ambitious young girl she became a mere possesion of Mr. Raghab Choudhury, the husband. Raghab could not understand why Aakashitora, now Mrs. Raghab Choudhury should continue her study and research, why she should meet her old friends and guides, why she should not be happy to be Mrs. Raghab Choudhury! Raghab belives a wife should merge her identity with that of her husband. How a wife can think of being someone different than a Mrs. somebody is beyond his understanding. And Mr. Raghab Choudhury is a learned Man!

The story of the film ‘Aakashitoraar Kathare…’ is exploring this tale told thousand times already. But the solution?

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