Anya Ek Yatra

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The Assamese feature film ‘Anya Ek Yatra’ depicts the story of a young emotional man, Vikram, who commits a crime under influence of a false sense of betrayal by the society that ultimately leads to his death.

Vikram, eldest amongst the three children of Dr. Bidhan Saikia, works as a Bank cashier in a bank in Guwahati. Dr. Saikia, a renowned heart surgeon was arrested by the police on the charge of medical negligence after a patient of his died while he tried to replace the ailing heart of the patient with that of a pig’s heart. So far Xenotransplantation is not accepted by the medical community as an approved method of treating badly damaged heart of a patient and hence when Dr. Saikia’s operation led the patient to death, he was prosecuted for medical negligence. This angered Vikram as he felt that the people involved did not understand his father’s true worth. This led Vikram to believe that what his father did was something great which the society or the system could not accept out of ignorance. He got further agitated with this thought as because of the shock their mother got after the arrest of his father, she died. Vikram swore to prove to the world that his father was right and to do this he decided to look his own bank so that he could give his father enough money to restart his research in Xenotransplantation in another country. With this foolish idea he committed the crime of course, without knowledge of his father and his other two siblings sister Ankita, a lecturer in a local College and brother Ayan, a College student. He took help of an extremist group in committing the bank dacoity and had to go underground for his crime. However, he ditched his partner in crime, the extremist group, as he decided to keep the entire amount of the looted money with a view to establish a ‘State of the Art’ laboratory for his father in another country. Therefore, not only police, but the extremist group also went after Vikram to catch him dead or alive to get the looted money back.

Here enters Partha, an young IPS officer, who is brought from Delhi to investigate the Bank dacoity case by the Chief of the State Police, CID branch. He makes friendship with Ankita, Vikram’s sister, to get access to their family so that it will be easier to trap Vikram when he contacts his father or other family members. The friendship finally develops into a love affair between Partha & Ankita. In the investigation of the bank dacoity case, the district S.P. Sonowal is also involved. His daughter Miranda is a co-student of Ayan and is in love with him that makes the case more complicated. Partha, with the help of his senior officer and S.P. Sonowal, trap Vikram in a nursing home by spreading the news that Dr. Saikia is sick and is in the I.C.U. But the extremist group kidnaped Vikram by ambusing the police party when he was taken to court by them. They torture him to find out where he had hidden the looted money but Vikram refuses to divulge it. Rather he offers a deal to the group that if they send his father to a foreign country and settle him there to start his research, he will give them fifty percent of the looted money. The extremist group accepts this deal and hatched a plot to force. Dr. Bidhan Saikia to come to them. They kidnap Miranda and demands that she will be released only if Dr. Saikia is brought to them. The police reasoned with Dr. Saikia who is completely against such illegal activities of Vikram to accompany police to the extremist hide out to secure release of the young Miranda. When Dr. Saikia shows himself up the extremists release Miranda to her family. But Dr. Saikia refuses to go with them, instead he says that he is not interested to continue his research with such ill goten money which cannot bring back either his dead wife or his peace of mind. He accuses Vikram that he does not have any right to decide how his father leads his life.

In such a dramatic turn of events, Vikram realised the tolly of his utterly senseless act and leaving his extremist friends back, tries to surrender himself to the police. The extremist group seeing Vikram trying to dupe them once again, kills him. Meanwhile Partha arrives at the scene with a police contingent and kills the entire extremist group as well as recovers the entire looted amount from the place where it was kept hidden by the emotional young fool Vikram. At the end, Partha is decorated by the deptt. and he married Ankita, to the joy of all present.

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