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Joymati the saviour

A woman who is regarded as the paragon of self-sacrifice had changed the course of Ahom history with her great political foresight. She was Joymati, the intelligent and farsighted Ahom princess who had sacrificed her life so that the chaotic and tumultuous political upheavals of the period of self-centred officials, like Laluksola Borphukan, might end restoring stability and peace in the kingdom.

To highlight the political wisdom of the brave and courageous Ahom princess in reel, the Ahom history is taken as the backdrop of the film. Sukafa was the first Ahom king originated from Yunan, South China. He came from Moulung, upper Burma(Myanmar) and invaded Assam in the thirteenth century and his clan ruled Assam for six hundred glorious years. Joymati emerged from this Ahom kingdom established by Sukafa and made her mark as a unforgettable persona of that period.

“History repeats itself”. When the political, social and cultural life of a nation is threatened, a saviour emerges who shoulders the herculean task of protecting the nation. During the black period of the Ahom rule(1670-1681) when as many as seven kings had either committed sucide or were poisioned, common people’s sufferings were at its most, Joymati emerged as a saviour, who is still regarded as a great visionary in the history of Ahom kingdom.

Evil designs of the powers-that-be still continue to ravage the peace and prosperity of a nation. Secret killing is still the mode of removing hurdles that are likely to confront the powerful. Therefore, a saviour, like Joymati, is the need of the hour to eliminate all that is evil and make a nation standout with glory and pride.

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